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Develop Important Skills

Free printable coloring pages help children to develop many skills, such as hand/eye co-ordination, color conceptulization, picture comprehension, manual dexterity and object handling skills. Children who like to color usually acquire and use knowledge more efficiently and effectively.

One can choose from hundreds of free printable coloring pages available for children. Coloring pages based on "Winnie, the Pooh" and "Scooby Do" are popular, as are the large collections of Bible and Christian pages, as well as holiday pages.

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Facts about Colors

Our eyes cannot see all the colors when they are mixed, so scientists had to design special equipment to help us see them. When all the colors of the spectrum are separated by a prism, we can see the rainbow of colors hidden there. When all these colors are mixed together, we see white. When they are all absent, we see black.

The colors in our environment definitely affect us, and the human eye can detect 7,000,000 of them. Free printable coloring pages are the fun way to introduce your children to colors, and art in general.

Some colors and color combinations soothe us and make us feel good. Others hurt the eye, give us headaches or cause disturbance to our vision. The use of appropriate colors can increase productivity, reduce visual fatigue and relax the whole body.

Free printable coloring pages are the most effective way to understand the color preferences of your child, and to teach her the importance of colors and what the basic colors are. You can find free printable coloring pages on many websites that have a good collection of coloring pages for children of any age.

Teaching Children about Colors

You can use the computer's color palette to teach kids the about colors. They can be taught how adding more of one color and less of another creates different shades. A child can also be shown real objects so that he or she can appreciate how colors appear in the real world.

A child can be taught about mixing colors by using paint, or by putting transparent colored sheets on top of each other. This has the advantage of using motion to teach a child to mix colors. It is believed that motion helps in the development of language skills in children, since both functions are located in the frontal lobe. Free printable coloring pages are vital resources that help in development of this important skill of your child.

For example, you can put a red sheet on a blue sheet and show a child how this creates purple. Free printable coloring pages can be used to teach children about the mixing of colors.

Here are a couple tips: Kids who are color-blind perceive bright colors the best; colors that have the fewest variations, like yellow, are the best ones to use to start teaching children about different shades of a color.

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