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How to Use Free Coloring Pages for Kids

With the help of our free coloring pages, teachers can teach kids many things in a simple yet fun way. Colors can be used to help teach small children language skills, and coloring pages are a good resource for this type of instruction.

Colors can be used to reinforce a word. For example, if the children are being taught a new word: "shirt", they can be asked to imagine what color the shirt is. This is something with which they should already be familiar, and hence learn easily.

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Teach Your Child the Colors of the US Flag

Many coloring pages for kids feature the colors of the US flag. With these pages, you can teach the kids children what each color of the US flag stands for. A free copy may be obtained from many Internet websites.

Kids can be taught that the white stands for purity, the blue for justice and the red for courage. This is a good way to use free coloring pages for kids. You can even take a blank flag and let the child fill in appropriate color and learn all about it in a fun way.

Using Colors to Teach New Words

Teachers can make a copy of a large, simple picture for each of the students. The names of the colors should be written in the empty spaces. A color chart may be hung on the wall. Then the kids can be asked the color of the sky, the bird, or whatever else there is in the picture. This is another great use of free coloring pages for kids.

Teaching Shapes and Colors

Teachers can teach kids a new shape and a new color on alternate weeks. Children may already know the colors, but they will enjoy this. For example, the kids may be taught about the pentagon, and in the next week they may taught about the color red, which is to be filled into the pentagon. You can use the printouts of free coloring pages for kids for this learning activity.

Teachers' Tools to Help Kids with Color Deficiencies

Teachers can use the free coloring pages for kids, along with some other items, to help children with color deficiencies.

Here's an example:

  • Assign a classmate to help a color deficient child.
  • Label pens, pencils, crayons and objects with the name of the color.
  • Color deficient children can be taught the colors of common objects such as grass, sky, and clouds, with the help of free coloring pages for kids.

Below are 4 FREE Coloring Pages -
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