The Importance of Childrens Books on Self-Discipline

Every family should include childrens books on
self-discipline in its child guidance program.

The Educational System

Childrens books on self-discipline should be an integral part of our educational system. Today's generation may not be aware of the old dictum, "spare the rod and spoil the child." Fortunately, informed educators did well to discard this outmoded notion.

Unfortunately, when throwing out the rod, parents and educators also threw out some basic elements of child rearing. Inculcating self-discipline among children at an early age was one of them. However, childrens books on self-discipline have taken up that role. They are instrumental in building good character in children.

A good way to instruct children is by using fictional characters that they can relate to in real life. One of the best series of books utilizing this approach is Lisa J. Pack's "Choosing the Right". Let the lead character, Brittany, show your children how to make the right behavior choices.

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To say that there is no need for burdening kids with childrens books on self-discipline is to lay the foundation of an uncertain and insecure future for a civilized society. Child rearing cannot be an assembly line procedure. What experts can do is provide a general set of guidelines for families to adopt, modified to suit their own particular situation. Lesson number one: never preach what you do not practice. Children who are brought up on a heavy dose of negative orders either develop low-self esteem or become delinquent.

The Role of Society

Teaching self-discipline to children becomes easy if all they see is everyone, from their parents to neighbors, leading highly organized, successful and happy lives.

Children's books on self-discipline constitute a fascinating collection of stories, articles and poems, with a lot of fun thrown in to sustain the interest of readers of different age groups. Nevertheless, please remember, there is not a single child who has not at some time misbehaved. It is a part of growing up. It is like taking a wrong turn, before making course correction.

Good childrens books on self-discipline explain the positive steps adults can take to help prevent misbehavior. For instance, they should set clear goals, create a secure environment, and show interest in their children's activities. The concept of self-discipline should not be mistaken for over-discipline. Slow and steady wins the race when ti comes to child rearing. Care should be taken to pick situations that benefit the child rather than ones that make the parents feel good.

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"The Book of Virtues for Young People"

"The Book of Virtues for Young People" is an amalgam of new theories of child rearing, plus stories of self-discipline from Aesop's, poems from Walt Whitman, Rudyard Kipling and Robert Frost, as well as the best of fiction by a range of writers from Emily Dickinson to Anne Frank. One can find hundreds of examples of virtue, courage, compassion, hard work and self-discipline under this single cover.

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