Importance of
Character Building Lessons

Can a Blind Man Explain Light?

Is it possible to give lessons on character building lessons without having received instructions from a guru oneself?

The educational material that has been compiled from years of research can act as guide, friend and philosopher to those of us who understand that without character building, the future of civil society will be plagued by insecurities and violence. This is the reason why utmost care should be taken for developing character-building lessons.

Let there be no confusion - without the ethical and moral character building lessons from the Bible, no book nor guru can accomplish the task of building the character of folks who are going astray.

This educational material systematically clears the cobwebs of uncertainty and leads readers to discover simple measures that are essential for character building. A strong character plays an important role in making children smart, successful and caring.

Many have found that the book series, "Choosing the Right", by Lisa J. Peck demonstrates, in understandable terms, typical situations from which kids will learn how to "Choose the Right".

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The Role of the Education System

Character building lessons take children and educators beyond the routine of teaching only how to read and write. They tell you in simple language, through examples of the great men of history, the difference between right and wrong, compassion and oppression.

Unfortunately, many American schools surrender this role and give their students moral puzzles, not moral guidance. A morally correct position cannot be slave to individual choices and preferences. What is wrong is wrong for all of mankind.

Those who seek exemption by clinging to the dangerous theory of the so-called "right to choose", do so at the risk of destroying the very edifice of constructive society.

Without recognizing the importance of character building lessons as an essential element of the education system, teachers and educators will continue to impart mixed and muddled moral lessons. Such confusion in children of impressionable age is not in the interest of the family, the neighborhood, civil society, nor above all, the nation.

The future of the nation is not safe in the hands of such people. To put it simply, character-building lessons are the key element for keeping individuals and institutions in sound, robust health.

Many parents and teachers find the Lisa J. Peck books very helpful in encouraging kids to learn all about doing the right.

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Bottom Line

Without character building lessons, neither the family nor its values can survive for long. They will wither away like plants, denied nourishment and sunshine. These lessons play the same role in the lives of societies and civilizations that the sun plays in sustaining all life forms. Educational material that features character building lessons seeks only to mold young children into responsible citizens.

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